FANTASTIC BREAKING NEWS: Golden State Water lost again!
First, Ojai won in lower court when Golden State Water sued to prevent Casitas Water from taking over the system. 
Second, GSW appealed that decision in appellate court and lost. 
Today, the State Supreme Court refused to hear GSW’s final appeal. Ojai and Claremont are now free to proceed against GSW. This is a huge blow to Golden State Water, and their high priced legal team. This is a very important result. 
Now if the majority of GSW customers in our Cowan Heights System truly want GSW gone, it can be done!
 May 6th Community Meeting Was A Success!

Stop-the-RipOff meeting

The November 19th meeting at Hewes was very well attended - standing room only.  The group of homeowners came and listened intently to the presentations during  the "Stop-the-Ripoff" meeting, the interest level was so high that the meeting went well past the designated hour.  

A PowerPoint presentation was given outlining the main issue: "Solving the High Cost of Golden State Water" and why we need to obtain local control of our water.   

We discussed the 3 main problems:

  1. We have no control with GSW, as we would have with a local water agency
  2. Prices are currently extremely high with Golden State
  3. Golden States prices will continue a never ending price escalation far greater than local water agencies, who would be available    to us if GSW was  no longer part our community.

An 18 step plan was outlined that if successful would result in changing water companies.  So far  8 of these steps have been completed.

Three guest speakers offered important information during the Q & A session:


  1. The first speaker from Ojai, with 40 years water experience, described Ojai's advancing effort to buy out GSW from the Ojai community.
  2. A major area water agency General Manager answered questions pertaining to water.   
  3. The legal counsel for Ojai discussed the steps and the difficulties and the successes in obtaining local control of a community water system.  Removing GSW  can  be successful with broad community support.


A survey to ascertain the amount of community support was circulated.

"Congratulations! I thought that was the best meeting we could possibly have held on this subject, and that the overflow crowd was highly interested and engaged. For what has to be considered a fairly dry subject, I was very impressed at the level of silence (meaning attention) throughout the room, not just when Rick was speaking but also when Richard was speaking, without any visual aids. He was terrific, by the way, and I think he really gave people an excellent picture of what we're likely to be in for if/as we go forward. And Jeff and Lisa were just what we needed to lend substance and credibility to our arguments.

John, Thank you for everything you're doing to help us combat GSW, and especially for tonight's very effective meeting -- which I think is the a very model of how to put something like this together. Well done!"